Born on the east coast, Jason Chamberlain is a composer, orchestrator, arranger, transcriber and pianist. He studied at the classical keyboard with a renowned instructor at the Juilliard School, as well as with acclaimed professors of music at Catholic University. 


In later years, Jason found himself dissatisfied with much of what had been passed on as modern music and his musical interest turned to composition. With this transition, Jason discovered that a new style of music was developing within him – a style filled with elegant melodic fragments that wove in and out of what would be called "new age". This new musical style was once dubbed “minimalism” by one of his professors at the University of Washington, where Jason did not believe that this term really reflected the true nature of his work. He prefers to speak of himself as a composer of music with repetitive structures – a musical style that is neither completely classical nor completely New Age.


As a composer, arranger and performer of some of the most engaging music of progressive electronic and ambient genres, Jason’s compositions are intensely melodic, often instrumental and very emotional, but always inspiring.  Navigating through a wide range of the musical spectrum -- from pure classical to ambient, he began adopting these musical languages into his own style of emotion and musical aesthetics.  Jason creates music that excels in gentle tenderness, majestic grandeur, bittersweet melancholy, organic hypnotism, dreamy optimism as well as epic, romantic, electronic and comedy.


In a world where he transitioned from performance artist to composer, Jason completed a masters program in Scoring for Film and TV through the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and is presently finishing a 2nd degree in Music Production specializing in Pro Tools 12 and Logic Pro X..  


Primarily at home at the keyboard, Jason’s main stable of instruments include the acoustic piano, various synthesized sounds and other types of electronic orchestral instruments generated from actual acoustic samplings.


Being somewhat of a multi-instrumentalist,  Jason is proficient with percussion and a diverse collection of instruments utilizing brass, vibraphone, harpsichord, woodwind, tubular bell, timpani and lush strings, as well as incorporation of synthesized choir ensembles.


In most cases, keyboards and synthesizers form the basis of his work.  Harnessing the technology to suit his personal style, he performs all parts of the composition -- immersing himself at the keyboard as he utilizes a mixing platform and improvises his music straight from his head into multiple track recordings. This quick method makes it possible for Jason to record a piece of music in very little time, working collectively on composition, arrangement, production and performance. This simultaneous method keeps the result fresh and spontaneous as the music flows from his mind into the software – whether it is a sequenced piece or a notation manuscript to be performed by live performers.


Completed Masters in Film/TV Orchestration and Certification for Pro Tools 12 & Logic Pro X through Berklee School of Music.